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What UPSTART Parents Are Saying

More than 900 parents and caregivers were recently asked to assess the UPSTART program:

  • 99.4% said they would recommend the UPSTART program to a friend or relative.
  • 99.3% felt UPSTART helped prepare their child for kindergarten.
  • 99.8% felt participating in UPSTART was beneficial.
  • 98.6% felt the content was appropriate for the age of their child.
  • 98.2% felt that the children enjoyed the software.

Read what parents are saying they like most about UPSTART.

I am a professional educator myself. And I found it to be really educationally sound. I couldn’t keep my little girl off of it. I wish we had it for my younger boy. During the summer, things get crazy. And I like how they call if they hadn’t been on it in a couple days. It just helped me out that way. She is reading above grade level now.

I like everything about it. I loved it. I loved that it was free, at home, and it kept to her pace. It was personalized. The little song helped her learn her alphabet. The support staff was always able to help me. Every month they would send a postcard, which would reward the child with how many hours they spent on the program.

I like it all. My son has autism. It’s hard for him to focus on things for a long period of time, and now he has a better focus of what’s going on.

I love that my son can do the basic computer stuff by himself. I like that it is good for his age group. Everything about that program is geared for the children, so that they learn and do not get frustrated.

I’m lower income, and we didn’t have a computer in the house. I am really glad that he gets to use that. He hears other kids play video games, and he thinks he is.

Read below to hear how the UPSTART program has helped children.

It has given her more confidence with reading and writing. I like the reading, but it’s the whole package that makes it amazing, including the math, science, and songs.

He’s done really well with his letters, and he’s starting to read. He would never have been able to do that without the UPSTART program. It’s helped a ton. He’d only done from May to August, which isn’t very long, and he was ready.

It has basically taught her to read, which I think is amazing coming from a computer program. She goes to a regular preschool, and UPSTART does so much more for her academically.

It kept my six-year-old engaged all summer long, every day, and he could understand the program. It gave him that repetition that wasn’t mom, in a clear, friendly voice, in a way that he could understand. The little drag and drop pictures—has really helped with coordination as well.

It’s helped my oldest dramatically. When he started, he was really struggling with the alphabet sounds, and he entered into kindergarten, and he knew his entire alphabet and the phonics. Before, he had absolutely no interest in learning it.

It’s teaching them to recognize their letters, numbers, read, and write. They’re all learning at their own levels. It gives them a sense of ownership and growing up because they have homework or lessons.

UPSTART Advisory Committee

Brenda Hales

Associate Superintendent, Student Achievement and School Success, Utah State Office of Education

Tiffany Hall

Coordinator, K-12 Literacy, Utah State Office of Education

Dustin Heuston
ex officio

Chairman, Waterford Institute

Christine Kearl

Education Director, Utah Governor’s Office

Nancy Livingston

Literacy and Parent Involvement Specialist

Joanne Milner

Education Partnership Coordinator, Salt Lake City’s Mayor’s Office

Claudia Miner

Vice President of Development, Waterford Institute

Lynette Mitchell

Executive Director, Rural Utah Child Development Head Start

Kathleen Petersen

Tilte I Director, Washington County School District

Dale Smith

Department Chair, Education, Family & Human Studies, Salt Lake Community College

Jeana Stuart Swapp

Education Manager, Centro de la Familia de Utah

Cheryl Wright

Department Chair and Associate Professor, Department of Family and Consumer Studies, University of Utah