Teaching Young Children About Dr. King

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day is a good time for all parents to consider ways to share the legacy of Dr. King with their children and the impact that he had in shaping American history.We do something each year to celebrate and learn about Dr. King.  One of the most effective lessons has been by reading a children's book about Dr. King and then following up with doing some additional research online.  There is a wealth of educational information available on YouTube. Below I share one o ...


Snowflake Books, Crafts and Activities for Kids

Have you experienced your first snowfall this winter?  Here in Southern California we either have to travel to see snow, or head to our local theme park.Here are a collection of books, crafts, and activities kids will love that are all about snowflakes. BooksWinter Wonderland (National Geographic Kids) by Jill Esbaum Snowflake Bently by Jacqueline Briggs Martin The Story of Snow: The Science of Winter's Wonder by Mark Cassino Snowflakes - a Pop-Up Book by Jennifer Preston Ch ...


Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow!

We are working through our holiday advent right now like so many others and today we are making snowflakes.  I decided to add a little education to our activity this Christmas and we looked up facts about snow and snowflakes.  The kids had a blast with this since in sunny Arizona we don't get to see much snow.Here are our 15 favorite facts:  Snow Facts Each snowflake is six-sided and made of as many as 200 ice crystals. The ice crystals form around tiny bits of dirt that ha ...


Numbers, Counting, and Place Value with Cheerios

Sure. Kids can count. If they've memorized really well and "get" the pattern, they can count to a hundred! But do they know what all those numbers mean? When I realized that my son was easily reciting his numbers without the knowledge of place value (tens, hundreds, thousands) I pulled out the Cheerios (our favorite counting food) and several plastic cups.Counting by tensWe placed a handful of Cheerios into the first cup and estimated the number of cereal pieces.To find out how many ...


Writing Poems for Valentine’s Day

Poetry is an early elementary age favorite to write because you get to break all the rules by following new rules. Kids love a break from being forced to write in complete sentences, make up words to make things rhyme and playing with words they already know. Here are five poems perfect for writing a note of love at Valentine's Day. Acrostic Poems The only rule for Acrostic Poetry is that the writer select a theme word. It can be a name, a phrase or a word as simple as "love." Write each lette ...




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