March is National Nutrition Month

Trade in that Valentine’s chocolate for cantaloupe! You’re inundated with media messages about eating healthier, all the overindulgence holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas and Valentine’s Day) are over… You may be feeling like me: It’s time to get the family back to healthier eating! But where do you start?THROW IT AWAY. I made a deal with my kids: by a certain date any uneaten holiday candy goes in the trash. (The two pieces of “treats” a day rule still applies.) Out of sig ...


12 Ways to Nurture a Love for Reading in Your Preschooler

I grew up in love with reading books. To this day, I have at least 1-3 books I am reading at any given time. I hope that my children grow up loving to read too! I created a little list of things we do at home to help my kids love to read. Please add your ideas in the comments - I know this list is by far not exhaustive.1. Read books that are currently movies We know our kids are marketed to every day. We see the movie characters on t-shirts, shoes and toys. Take advantage of this marketing ...


Preschool letter recognition collage craft

This is a super fun craft that engages preschoolers' motor skills, letter recognition, creativity and gives them something they can proudly show off. My daughter and her friend had a blast making their collages!And I especially loved how this was such an easy craft to clean up!Here are the tools you will need for this craft:1. Large sheet of paper (I used 11x14 sheet of scrapbook paper)2. Water colors3. Magazines4. child friendly scissors5. Markers/crayons/colored pen ...


Numbers, Counting, and Place Value with Cheerios

Sure. Kids can count. If they've memorized really well and "get" the pattern, they can count to a hundred! But do they know what all those numbers mean? When I realized that my son was easily reciting his numbers without the knowledge of place value (tens, hundreds, thousands) I pulled out the Cheerios (our favorite counting food) and several plastic cups.Counting by tensWe placed a handful of Cheerios into the first cup and estimated the number of cereal pieces.To find out how many ...


St. Patrick’s Day Books and Fun Food for Kids

St. Patrick's Day is celebrated on March 17 and honors Saint Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland.Although we tend to celebrate with St. Patrick's Day parties, wearing green and indulging in a combination of Irish dishes and food that is green, it's important for children to learn about the history of St. Patrick's Day too.Here 15 great books to read to your children this St. Patrick's Day.It's St. Patrick's Day, by Rebecca Gomez The Story of Saint Patrick's Day, by Patricia ...




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