Homemade Halloween Pizza

October is National Pizza Month! What better way to celebrate than by bringing Halloween in and making spooky homemade pizzas? Use this recipe to help kids make their own hauntingly delicious Halloween pizzas.

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Items Needed

What you need:

• Pizza dough

• Shredded mozzarella cheese

• Pizza sauce

• Pepperoni

• Black olives

• Bell peppers

• Pineapple

You can also add anything else you like on your pizza!


To make:

  1. Roll your pizza dough into personal circles or squares.
  2. Top each personal pizza with marinara or pesto sauce.
  3. Spread out your pizza toppings on the table in separate bowls.

You and your child can then have fun creating your own Halloween scenes with the different topics. Encourage them to get creative with the ingredients. Maybe they’ll use olives and mozzarella to make a ghost, or pepperoni slices to make vampire fangs!

Make sure to place each pizza in the oven at 375 F until the dough’s fully cooked. Then, you and your child can enjoy your spooky Halloween treats!




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