I Love My Hat

Help your child understand communication skills and social engagement through storytelling. After printing out the pictures, teach your child to identify the characters and relationships that occur throughout the book I Love My Hat by Douglas Florian.

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Items Needed

  • I Love My Hat by Douglas Florian
  • Characters and tractor from the story—drawn, colored, and cut out
  • Large piece of blank paper or pillowcase


How to Play

  1. Draw (or trace), color, and cut out these characters and the tractor from the story:
    • Farmer in work clothes
    • Cat in hat
    • Goat in coat
    • Ox in socks
    • Mouse in blouse
    • Pig in tie
    • Turtledoves with gloves
    • Bear in underwear
    • Caribous in shoes
    • Farmer in new clothes
    • Tractor
  2. As you read the story, have your child place the characters on the blank paper or pillowcase.
  3. Next have your child tell the story (as best they can) using the characters you made.

When you have finished the story, have a discussion about the different characters and the moral of the story. Or, have your child create a new ending with the cut-out characters.


  • Instead of drawing characters, you can find the clothing articles from the story (hat, coat, socks, and so on) and your child can pick out—or put on—the clothing as you read the story.
  • Have your child point to the clothing items in the illustrations and sing along with the animals.

CASELCompetency:Relationship skills
Sub-competencies:Communications and social engagement


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