For Parents

UPSTART will help you prepare your preschooler for kindergarten at home.


Reasons Parents Love Upstart

Children Love It

UPSTART captivates children with thousands of activities, beautiful art, lively characters and catchy songs. It also increases their confidence, independence and computer skills while they master essential pre-reading concepts. Many children can’t wait to “play UPSTART” every day!

Fits With Any Schedule

UPSTART is designed for very young children. It uses large buttons, obvious directions, and support that helps children progress. Most children can use the program independently within 20 minutes of starting.

Easy For Kids To Use Independently

Participation is very simple. It is used at home, according to your schedule. The participation requirement is just 15 minutes a day, 5 days a week.

Proven Effective For All

Data shows that all children using UPSTART make important cognitive gains- regardless of ethnicity, socioeconomic status, geographic locale and whether or not they had additional preschool. It is especially effective for dual language learners who need English language practice.

Teaches Early Reading, Math, and Science

UPSTART includes hundreds of instructional hours, thousands of lessons and activities, hundreds of books and animated songs, as well as printable resources and ongoing progress reports.

Works As A Stand-Alone Program

UPSTART is designed to work as a complete kindergarten readiness program. The comprehensive curriculum will prepare your child for kindergarten. Many UPSTART children enter kindergarten at the level most of their peers finish kindergarten.

Works Alongside Traditional Programs

With its focus on academic preparation, especially in reading, UPSTART is effective as a complement to other programs, including traditional preschool, daycare, and Head Start programs.

No Cost For Most Participants

UPSTART is publicly funded to help children prepare to enter kindergarten. Each year, there are a limited number of seats in the program available at no cost. Most families will participate for free.


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