Personal Space Circle

This engaging activity uses a hula hoop to help teach kids about personal space. The area inside of the hoop represents the space that others are not allowed inside of.

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Items Needed

  • Hula hoops (one per person)
  • Markers, such as cones or towels


To play this game:

  1. Create an open space for your child to move with a hula hoop. If possible, choose a spot outdoors with plenty of elbow room.
  2. Lay out the markers around the room.
  3. Give a hula hoop to each person who is playing, and have them each stand at a market.
  4. Explain that personal space is the space right around a person, which the hula hoops are representing.
  5. When you say go, have each player hold their hula hoops around their waists and run between the markers. The goal is to do this without touching anyone else’s hoop.

After finishing the game, play several rounds to teach your child more about personal space. Feel free to move the cones or change the space to keep the game interesting.


  • If your child has trouble keeping personal space during the game, place the hula hoop on the ground and ask your child to see if they can keep their whole body inside the hoop for 10 seconds.
  • After playing the activity, say “hoop” as a way to remind your child about personal space

CASELCompetency:Social awareness
Sub-competencies:Respect for others


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