5 minutes free? Here are 7 activities you can do with your kids

Anyone who works with kids knows that an extra five minutes can lead in three directions: boredom, misbehavior or fun. Clearly, we all (whether we’re 4 or 74) would prefer the latter. Here are 7 fool-proof ways to guarantee a fun 5 minutes. 7 activities for your 5 extra minutes Sing You don’t need a performance-based voice to sing, nor do you need a perfectly poetic ballad. What you do need is lungs and a little fun. Sing out your favorite song (Let It Go, anyone?) as loud as you all ...


Being Thankful: A Thanksgiving Craft

Every year we have a little family tradition of each child making their own “Thankful Turkey”. The kiddos love making their own “Thankful Turkeys” and as they are getting older, it has been fun to see them read and write on their own feathers. After they are finished these turkeys are a great table decoration and allow us to have some fun conversations about what each child is thankful for. What You Need: An eager creator Toilet paper roll (1 per turkey) Colored paper Glu ...


Encouraging Your Children to Get Along During Winter Break

Small children and cabin fever happens every winter in many households. Cold weather and winter break means children will be inside more and around each other a lot. For my family this can mean more bickering and arguments between the three kids. There is no rhyme or reason as to what makes my kids get along with each other on any given day.Some days the kids get along just fine. Other days, not so much. To encourage my children to get along during the holiday break, I’m going to incorpora ...


12 Ways to Nurture a Love for Reading in Your Preschooler

I grew up in love with reading books. To this day, I have at least 1-3 books I am reading at any given time. I hope that my children grow up loving to read too! I created a little list of things we do at home to help my kids love to read. Please add your ideas in the comments – I know this list is by far not exhaustive. 1. Read books that are currently movies We know our kids are marketed to every day. We see the movie characters on t-shirts, shoes and toys. Take advantage of this. . .


Preschool letter recognition collage craft

This is a super fun craft that engages preschoolers’ motor skills, letter recognition, creativity and gives them something they can proudly show off. My daughter and her friend had a blast making their collages! And I especially loved how this was such an easy craft to clean up! Here are the tools you will need for this craft: 1. Large sheet of paper (I used 11×14 sheet of scrapbook paper) 2. Water colors 3. Magazines 4. child friendly scissors 5. Markers/crayons/colored pencils To do ...




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