Teaching Children Manners

Basic manners and etiquette are important skills for children to learn. While children learn plenty of good behavior by example, taking time to practice social skills can provide them with added direction. Use this list of basic manners to teach your children how to behave politely around others.

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Here is a list of basic manners children need to treat others with respect. Starting some of these at a young age makes them second nature. That way, your children won’t need many reminders to practice them.

  • When you ask for something, always use please and thank you
  • Show appreciation when someone gives you a gift or compliment by saying thank you or giving them a card
  • Hold the door open for others
  • Don’t insult or give a negative opinion about someone in front of other people. If you’re upset, talk to your parent about it
  • Learn how to answer a phone and take a message
  • Always greet guests when they come to your home
  • Respect everyone’s diversity. Differences in culture, religion, size, ability and language make everyone special
  • Be a good sport. Congratulate others that win a sport or game, and don’t brag if you are the winner
  • Clean up after yourself whenever you make a mess
  • No name calling. Joking can sometimes be taken the wrong way, and you might accidentally hurt someone’s feelings

With a little practice, your children will learn good manners in no time!


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