Tool Center

Help your kids improve their creativity and gain an understanding of basic household tools with this activity. They can learn to practice safely using a screwdriver, glue, paint, toothpicks and other everyday items.

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Items Needed

  • Goggles or plastic sunglasses (eye protection)
  • A variety of the following: screwdrivers, screws, bars of soap, Styrofoam blocks, hammer, nails, step stools, scrap wood, glue, or paint sets


Use the supplies to put together a practice tool set. Your child can practice completing the following activities:

  • Screwing and unscrewing screws into bars of soap
  • Nailing into the Styrofoam blocks
  • Climbing up and down the step stool
  • Painting or gluing together the scrap wood

You can also add tools to create additional projects for your child (like, for example, paper for painting pictures). Remember to supervise your child at all times while they’re handling the tools.

Sub-competencies:Self-efficacy, self-management, self-discipline, and goal setting


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