What Would You Do?

This activity helps to simulate some of the real-life challenges that kids face on a regular basis and how they should respond to adversity at school or in other environments.

Like 6

Items Needed

  • Toy, such as a stuffed animal or doll


  1. Using the toy, create some situations that may be familiar to your child. You could have the toy take something from your child, for example, or have the toy call your child a name.
  2. After each situation, ask your child the following questions
    1. What would you do after this happens?
    2. How would you feel?
    3. What could you try in this situation?
  3. Show your child how to ask the toy to stop. Then, if the toy keeps hitting or taking or calling the name, show your child what they can do to get help from an adult.

CASELCompetency:Relationship skills
Sub-competencies:Communication and relationship building


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